How fast should I ride my bicycle?

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How fast should I ride my bicycle?

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I purchased a road bicycle a few years ago which weighs about 19 pounds. The last couple years, I have been trying to become a more serious rider. Currently, I bike mainly for exercise on a local paved 50 mile bike trail. This trail used to be a railroad track and was converted to a bike trail in my city's "rails to trails" program, so it relatively flat.On the weekends during Spring and Summer, I try and get in two 30 mile rides. I use a bike computer and have noticed that I keep averaging roughly the same velocity - 14 mph. I don't try and target any particular speed while biking and yet I keep averaging 14 mph ride after ride. I keep track of my rides through the year and 14 mph comes up as my yearly overall average.Is there something special about 14 mph and bicycling? As you move up in terms of average speed, does it get progressively more difficult? For example, is the jump from averaging 14 mph to 15 mph harder than the jump from averaging 13 mph to 14 mph?Right now, I'm getting exercise, but not really setting goals. So, I need some help determining how much progress I am making.

Please help.

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