Black screen while playing Final Fantasy XIV

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Black screen while playing Final Fantasy XIV

Beitragvon jensenbreck » 20. Dezember 2017, 15:37

It would help if you post the operating temperature for the GPU. The best place to find the most accurate readings is in the BIOS.This GPU is rated up to 73C, so your GPU is running at its max temperature.How are you using this notebook? On a flat surface with plenty of air space beneath it?Have you tried using a laptop cooler? They are not very expensive, you can purchase one for as little as $15.00.Just curious, after reapplying the thermal compound did the temperatures improve, or did the temps rise?Not at home right now, so cant check temperature. The notebook is on a cooling pad, plenty of space. I noticed that this problem only happens when I run the game on the 27 inch monitor that I plug in via the hdmi port. It doesnt crash when I just run it on the 15 inch notebook screen. Im thinking the gpu is failing...


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